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  • Benito The service sector has created several thousand jobs. The main section is football, and the team plays at.
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  • Keith Playing in Bundesliga 3, they wanted to go a new way, and hired an new manager, a very surprising one actually, Sarah Caligiuri from U.
  • Brent At first the club did not have its own ground and was playing at a parade ground of the army at Loddenheide. Some old structures of the former zoo can be found in the park around the office building.
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  • Jerrold General Baron von Bissing gave permission only if the goals would be taken down again after training.
  • Mike After successfully applying for the Western German League system, the team initially competed in the second tier.
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  • Isidro In 1933, Preußen advanced to the , one of sixteen top-flight leagues established through the re-organization of German football under the.
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  • Alvin Preußen failed to do so by finishing on 5th place in the 1973—74 season and on 3rd place in the 1977—78 and 1978—79 seasons.
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  • Woodrow In the following year the Eagles were defeated in the extra time against another first tier team,. It became the capital of the Prussian.
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  • Jamel Januar auf die Drittligaprofis — nullsechs. Results are pending but in the end, the club wants to rebuild the western and eastern stand to give spectators more comfort and make the club more competitive financially.
  • Mack The highest elevation is the Mühlenberg in the northwest of Münster, 97 metres.
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  • Carlton Ludger was ordained as the first. The temperature during summertime meets the average in Germany.
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  • Dante It is also capital of the local government region.
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  • Faustino Während von Norden her ein Hauch von Winter über Münster hereinbrach — mit Schneeregen und unangenehmen Temperaturen — machte sich der Adlertross auf den Weg Richtung Süden.
  • Odis The works finished in May 2009. The close proximity between the three cities which are located within a 65-kilometer radius led the press to the name of the Bermuda Triangle of Münster, Osnabrück and Bielefeld in.
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  • Kenneth Preußen Münster has currently 1980 members in December 2014. Historians consider patriotic reasons for naming the club after Prussia.
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  • Linda The life-expectancy in Münster is 76.