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Tod 15 Best Things to Do in Münster (Germany)
  • Brian After my nightshift I started my journey to Muenster on a cold and rainy morning, to see the masterworks of Joseph Mallord William Turner, the master of atmosphere.
  • Linda I like the concept of the exhibition because it compares Turner with his influences and contemporaries. There are cycle paths throughout the city, so people tend not to worry about protective gear.
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  • Basil There was plenty of room in the lounge area, and the desk was a good size, allowing us to set-up our charging station, and work comfortably on the laptop. Their bodies were then hung on display as an act of warning to the town.
  • Terrence Zur Nachbereitung habe ich mir den umfangreichen und schön aufgemachten Katalog mitgebracht, in dem ich noch einige Tage lang genüsslich schmökern werde. A network of signposted trails has also been set up so you can ride out into the countryside to visit castles and forests on day trips.
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  • Shirley Back home I painted two versions in watercolor. Source: Botanischer Garten The University of Münster is in charge of the botanical garden, not far west of the Altstadt.
  • Timmy A historic university city, Münster is the capital of Westphalia and has a skyline shaped by the Romanesque and Gothic towers of its medieval churches. Between the old structures are vegetable and medicinal gardens, and even a garden growing pigments that dyers would have used to colour their fabrics.
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  • Bryon The Erbdrostenhof Baroque palace, which was built between 1753 and 1757, and to make more of an impact the palace is positioned diagonally on a rectangular site. May your journey continue safely and please come back some time to visit our Christmas markets! There are original portraits of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, personal belongings and a richly stocked library.
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  • Raphael There are restaurants and cafes at regular intervals and a raised terrace in the modern complex on the north shore, where you can also hire a pedal boat for self-navigated trip around the lake.
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  • Maynard The Xmas market is always worth a visit as is the Aasee the lake in Munster in the summer, good pub there as well! I have always been impressed by the work of one of England´s most popular romantic painters. The staff were extremely accommodating and friendly.
  • Roscoe Lamberti A shining example of Late Gothic design, the Church of St. The museum also has a trove of paintings by the 17th-century master Johann Bockhorst who was close friends with Rubens and van Dyck.
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  • Olin There are on average 2 to 3 bicycles per person in Münster, and lots of the streets are now for only bikes and public transport.
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  • Domingo Dieses Katalogbuch zu Ausstellungen in Mannheim und Hamburg schildert das Leben des Künstlers und dokumentiert seine Deutschlandreisen in Zeichnungen, Aquarellen und Ölbildern.
  • Marcelo Today you can still imagine how this prosperous city would have looked. In my short video you find some impression from the exhibition beside a look into the catalogue and some views of the beautiful city of Muenster on a cold and rainy Tuesday morning.
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  • Morgan Have a great time when you return. Turner Apartments is a non-smoking complex - in the units as well as inside common areas - with designated smoking areas outside.
  • Perry And if the sight of that produce gives you an appetite you can get hold of a freshly grilled bratwurst or regional potato fritters Reibekuchen.