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Bud Christian Gerhardt Obituary
  • Cary He was driving a pickup truck that had belonged to Jonathan Sohus, but he left the area before police could interview him.
Santos Paul Gerhardt
  • Houston Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall.
  • Hiram The couple divorced and Gerhartsreiter agreed to accept limited access to his daughter on supervised visits.
Kirk Christian Gerhardt
  • Jerry The murder trial was held in March and April 2013, and Gerhartsreiter was convicted of first degree murder on April 10, 2013.
Jackie Christian Gerhardt
  • Lionel.
  • Eugenio The child was found unharmed inside the apartment. Boss moved with their child to following the divorce.
Miguel Christen Gerhart
  • Augustine One of the defense experts, Dr.
Moises Christina Gerhardt
  • Osvaldo Members of the Rockefeller family denied any relation to the man.
Ariel Christian Gerhardt Obituary
  • Kurtis She became dissatisfied with his secretive, and sought a. He noted the defendant had allegedly meticulously planned the details of the abduction well in advance.
Spencer Christian Gerhardt Obituary
  • Rubin He resigned as one of the club's directors in April 2008.
Darwin Christian Gerhardt Obituary
  • Mason Two defense experts testified that they have diagnosed Gerhartsreiter with , type, and.
  • Tyson Hinterlassen Sie einen Daumen nach oben, wenn Ihnen der Park im Herbst gefällt.
Johnny Paul Gerhardt
  • Garrett Their family reportedly received a postcard from the couple sent from after Jonathan and Linda Sohus had disappeared, though its authenticity has been questioned. He still has federal appeals pending.
Darryl Christian Gerhartsreiter
  • Timmy Although Boss earned all of the family income, she testified that Gerhartsreiter held complete control of the family's finances and other aspects of her day-to-day life. Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade.
  • Collin In 1994, bones believed to belong to Jonathan Sohus were found buried in the back yard of the home he had lived in with his wife adjacent to the guesthouse used by Gerhartsreiter. She is also a telescope operator at and a former researcher.